General Police Office of Bishkek made a request to mass media and asked for assistance in searching for a transnational criminal from St.Petersburg Maxim Yakovlev – CEO of Polygraphoformlenie and the fraud project UNHWA.

CEO of Polygraphoformlenie Maxim Yakovlev was announced to international search
Maxim Yakovlev was announced to international search by Interpol

It was St.Valentine's Day, when law enforcement agencies of Kirghizia, made a request to mass media and asked for assistance in searching for two Russians: Maxim Yakovlev and Yuriy Vereschagin. Both criminals were absentee arrested by the court. Yakovlev is charged against armed robbery (assault with intent to rob), forcible assertion of private right, unauthorized seizure of residential premises, structures with an organized criminal group. Vereshchagin directly led the actions of the armed gang, following Yakovlev's instructions. A few days before the attack, Yakovlev personally flew to Bishkek, with the purpose of issuing instructions to members of the gang.

Interpol searches for criminals in Kirghizia
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Two Russians are wanted by Interpol for robbery in Kyrgyzstan
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The police is searching for Russian Citizen, who is wanted by Interpol for some robberies in Kyrgyzstan
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Sources of law enforcement agencies of Kirghizia declare that in fact the range of Yakovlev's criminal activities is much broader. He is being checked on involvement in the kidnapping of a businessman (executors AN E.A., Ibraev Z.S., Mukhamedzhanov A.R. and Sadykov N.T. were sentenced in 2016 to 12, 11, 8 and 6 years resp. of imprisonment). There is also his attempt on the murder of a businessperson from Bishkek. Vereshchagin, ‘a criminal eye’ of Yakovlev in Kyrgyzstan besides these crimes is also suspected of large-scale fraud - an attempt to capture a shopping center in the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Therefore, the cooperation between Yakovlev and Bakiyev’s (ex-President of Kyrgyzstan) gang is a very bright background, isn’t it?

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Maxim Yakovlev was wanted in 2013 by Interpol for fraud

Earlier, Yakovlev was already on the wanted list of Interpol on charges of a large scale fraud and the legalization of stolen money. He did it under the organized criminal community. However, that time he managed to evade criminal liability by intimidating the victims and witnesses, as well as using corruption ties.

In Russia, Maxim Yakovlev is also known as a raider and swindler. In the 1990s, together with his accomplice Igor Ustinov, he organized a number of voucher investment funds under the Velikiye Luki Organized Criminal Group (the Gavrilenkov brothers), whose funds were then stolen by them. In 1994, Yakovlev captured Polygraphoformlenie. Still he owns it jointly with Boris Tsfasman and Grigory Gorokhovsky. All liquid assets of this enterprise were withdrawn easily by Yakovlev through foreign companies to controlled by him JSC Polygraphoformlenie, Polygraphoformlenie-FLEXO Llc., Alyaska- Polygraphoformlenie Llc. and other companies.

In 2000s Yakovlev specialized in raider seizures, illegal loans and insurance fraud. Later he started in Russia the fraud project UNHWA for selling supplements supposedly for treatment chronic diseases. He participated in activities of the totalitarian religious sect Good News Mission and its unit IYF (International Youth Communication).

In 2015 an attempt of criminal bankruptcy of JSC Polygraphoformlenie was organized by Maxim Yakovlev. He concealed in South Korea, but before he withdrew several million US dollars stolen from shareholders of Polygraphoformlenie. In Russia, Maxim Yakovlev is also known as a raider and swindler.

Boris Paikin
The Organized Crime Department