A well-known professional swindler from St.Petersburg Maxim Yakovlev went into hiding from the Korean creditors and law enforcement agencies.

This fall a well-known professional swindler from St.Petersburg Maxim Yakovlev, still the CEO of POLYGRAPHOFORMLENIE, once and for all said 'goodbye' to the unwashed Russia. Persecuted by creditors, law enforcement agencies of several states and accomplices in illegal activities, Yakovlev decided finally to move to South Korea, where he had prepared a hideout in advance. Earlier, Yakovlev had visited Korea many times. Some of those visits were connected with the attempt to implement in Russia the fraud project UNHWA for selling supplements supposedly for treatment such chronic diseases as cancer, hepatitis, diabetes and HIV/AIDS.

Maxim Yakovlev is wanted by Interpol

In Maxim Yakovlev’s criminal career the so-called "moment of composition" had formed, when his rogue flair suggested that this time it was exactly necessary to run away. There were several reasons for escape. The most important of them was prosecution Yakovlev in Kyrgyzstan for his participate in the gang's activities and the leadership in an armed attack on Continent LLC in Bishkek. The fact is that Yakovlev had already been prosecuted for several frauds, but that time he paid off with great bribes. Some informed sources declare that after making illegal decisions on Yakovlev, one of the deputies of the general prosecutor of Kirghizia suddenly became the owner of an expensive jeep Lexus.

Maxim Yakovlev initiated criminal bankruptcy of JSC Polygraphoformlenie
An attempt of criminal bankruptcy of JSC Polygraphoformlenie was made by Maxim Yakovlev in the spring of 2016.

Also, the Yakovlev’s ‘business’ is very poor. Captured by him in the 1990s JSC Polygraphoformlenie demonstrates financial ‘death’ of the enterprise, even with falsified accounting reports. The value of the company's assets is much lower than the debt obligations. In the spring of this year, Yakovlev, who used to play such ‘criminal bankruptcies’, planned to bankrupt JSC Polygraphoformlenie. An appropriate application was submitted to the arbitration court. However, having received an alarming signal from his creditors (Otkrytie Bank, Unicredit Bank, Deutsche Bank), Yakovlev decided that such tricks will lead him to prison, that's why said that he did not sign a statement to the court. Everyone knows that Yakovlev does not sign anything himself, and just if he has to do it, he puts only three unidentifiable scribbles.

Yakovlev decided to follow another scheme. He left the enterprise (but not wages), appointed his accomplice Olga Shevtsova as a manager of the company and refuged abroad from where he was going to direct remotely. He could impose full responsibility on Shevtsova, and he could liquidate her as a dangerous witness, thereby cutting off the ends of criminal prosecution.

An important motive for Yakovlev is the reluctance to disclose foreign companies controlled by him to the tax authorities of the Russian Federation. They are: Devoncroft Enterprises Limited, Geraldine Trading (Cyprus) and Maia House (Luxembourg). That’s why Yakovlev decided to change the tax residency. It should be noted that Yakovlev, using forged contracts, withdrew several million US dollars stolen from creditors and shareholders of Polygraphoformlenie. The contract was signed by Yakovlev’s lover, a Korean rogue, Young-Woo Jin. Like Yakovlev he is known as a member of the international commercial sect UNHWA, specializing in selling drugs, named ‘supplements for treatment cancer, hepatitis, diabetes and HIV/AIDS’. Let’s remember: when the UNHVA project in Russia was born, Yakovlev personally promised that by 2014 the corporation will present the medicine against HIV, and the cancer is being cured already now!

Besides, Yakovlev had the conflict with his comrade-in-criminal Tambov group Igor Ustinov. The contradictions between the raiders and the former voucher scammers reached the top heat. In one of the conversations, Ustinov promised Yakovlev ‘to send him to Serega Orlov’. By the way, Sergey Orlov was their both connection point, and they both related to his mysterious disappearance.

The ‘sauce’ to Yakovlev’s escape was his so-called "social activity": participation in the activities of the totalitarian religious sect Good News Mission and its unit IYF (International Youth Communication), whose chairperson in Russia was Yakovlev. These organizations, in addition to the theft of property of ordinary members of the sect, also practice non-standard practices of suppression of consciousness, including the regard to children.

Before Parliamentary elections in Russia in 2016, Yakovlev announced the establishment of the post of LGBT ombudsman, which he intended to take, with the aim of participating in political activities. However, having received a message from the secret services that his days at large were numbered, the formal director of JSC Polygraphoformlenie decided to leave his native country.

For concealment in South Korea, Yakovlev has already prepared forged documents of a third state (according to our information, it is one of the countries of the Caribbean). In his opinion, it will protect him from extradition both to Kyrgyzstan and to Russia. Analysts also note Yakovlev's visits to Thailand. That is why there is an opinion that he plans to take more radical measures. It is an operation of changing sex, which he dreamed about since high school.

Before his escape, Yakovlev stoled shares of foreign companies from his younger partners of JSC Polygraphoformlenie Boris Tsfasman and Ivan Misyuchenko, who helped him to get a control above the enterprise in the 90's. To reach the aim Yakovlev flew to Cyprus in early August 2016, where he made transactions for the sale of shares owned by Tsfasman and Misyuchenko and the legalization of stolen property. However, after the Yakovlev’s escape, the organized criminal group led by him in Russia still exists. There is already mentioned Olga Shevtsova as a manager and the 'lawyers' Peter Frolov and Vladimir Domnin, who currently supervise all illegal activities.

Peter Frolov, JSC Polygraphoformlenie
Active participant of the Yakovlev-Ustinov’s OCG, The Head of the LGBT Ombudsman's Office Peter Frolov

Peter Vyacheslavovich Frolov, a Resident of Kronstadt City, is an active member of the Yakovlev-Ustinov’s OPS, currently heads the LGBT Ombudsman's office in St.Petersburg. Frolov took part in a number of raider attacks, including the capture of the collective farm Pravda in Pskov region. Also, Frolov is responsible for supporting the upcoming bankruptcy of JSC Polygraphoformlenie, the withdrawal of property and its legalization on other entities controlled by Yakovlev. Frolov already took part in the criminal bankruptcy of JSC Polygraphoformlenie-Continent together with Alexander Chernov under the leadership of Yakovlev.

Vladimir Domnin, JSC Polygraphoformlenie
Vladimir Domnin, Yakovlev's accomplice and his lawyer, an active participant of Open Russia Organization

Vladimir Domnin is well known with the judicial authorities. He named himself an ex-officer of Military-Space Forces, actually he was an ensign and a manager of a pig farm in a military unit. He was dismissed from militaries in connection with a mental disorder. In 2014 in Smolensk Domnin was convicted for large-scale fraud together with a relative of Maxim Yakovlev - Valentina Yakovleva. Currently, as a frontman of Yakovlev, he owns stolen agricultural lands holding the post of the nominal director of LLC Orel Keys. Vladimir Domnin is very active in the Open Russia Project of Mikhail Khodorkovsky. He has a fake diploma of a lawyer, and therefore he thinks he can call himself a Lawyer indeed.

There is a discord among Yakovlev's servants now. Vladimir Domnin was completely excluded from all Ustinov’s projects and he is very jealous of Peter Frolov, who receives money from both Maxim Yakovlev and Igor Ustinov. Frolov, in turn, despises Domnin for his low level of intelligence and education. In the conflict between Yakovlev and Ustinov Frolov is taking active part to keep Yakovlev in the ranks of raider projects.

We are carrying out public and civil duties. In order to assist the law enforcement agencies of the European Union, South Korea and Kyrgyzstan, our portal publishes the datasets of Maxim Yakovlev, who is trying to use the territories of foreign states in order to obtain asylum from creditors and law enforcement agencies. In addition, in order to establish his actual location, the datasets of Yakovlev's close relatives are published here.

Eugene Shmurlo,
Department for Organized Crime Control